Nrp Test Questions Lesson 9 Homework

NRP test questions Lesson 1

About ____ % of newborns will require some assistance to begin regular breathing?
About _____% of newborns will require extensive resuscitation to survive.
Careful identification of risk factors during pregnancy and labor can identify all babies who will require resuscitation.
Chest compression and medication are (Rarely) (Frequently) needed when resuscitating newborns.
Before birth, the alveoli in the baby's lungs are ( collapsed) (expanded) and filled with (fluid) (air).
expanded and filled with fluid.
The air that fills the baby's lungs during normal transition contains _____ % O2.
The air in the baby's lungs causes the pulmonary arterioles to (relax) ( constrict) so that the O2 can be absorbed from the alveoli and distributed to all organs.
If a baby does not begin breathing in resp[onse to stimulation, you should assume she is in _____ apnea and you should provide _____.
If a baby enters a stage of secondary apnea, her heart rate will (rise) (fall), and her blood pressure will (rise) (fall).
Restoration of adequate ventilation usually will result in a (rapid) (gradual) (slow) improvement in heart rate...
Resucitation (should) (should not) be delayed until the 1 minute Apgar score is available..
Premature babies may present unique challenges during resuscitation because of _____________.
Fragile brain cappilaries, Lungs deficient in surfactant, poor temperature control, higher liklihood of infection.
Every delivery should be attendended by atleast ____ skilled person.
Every high risk delivery should be attended by atleast _____ skilled person (s).
When a depressed newborn is anticipated at a delivery, resuscitation equipment (should) (should not) be unpacked and ready for use.
When there are twins expected, there should be _______ number of skilled clinicians in the room for resuscitative care.
What are 3 things needed for temperature regulation of a newborn?
Towels or warm blankets, plastic bag, thermoregulated incubator.
When clearing the newborns airway, you clean the _____ then the _____.
What is the epinephrin dose?
Who is most likely to be the first to stick a pneumo patient with a large bore needle? (Whether they need it or not)
Who is most likely to erase the whiteboard in the patient's room and draw them on the ventilator for everyone to see?

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