Social Networking In Our Lives Essay Topics

Social networking can be divided into three main levels, micro, macro, and meso levels. At the micro level, people relate with individuals. At the macro level people form links with organizations while the meso level is the point of tangency between the two. Social actors can be individuals, organizations or social institutions. Psychological and sociological theorists argue that every person is a social actor and a significant number of the theories further purport that every person acts towards a better society.
The development of formal and informal contacts takes place in the social networks, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus. Statistics show that over 1.2 billion people use facebook as a social network. Despite the fact that it can be termed by many as the greatest development of the twenty-first century, it is still a high predator against social values, social structures and moral development.
Most people believe firmly that social networks breeds more good than evil in society. There are major positive impacts as a result of electronic information exchange. To start with is the promotion and facilitation of competition in trade. This can be achieved through harmonization of business practices, standardization of information, convenience in reaching out to sister companies and the market. Social networks have enabled consumers to maximize their freedom of choice. Organizations can, therefore, win consumers by producing only the best and also having an up to date integrated informative system. Such like competition enhance economic growth and development. To add further on the impact of social networking to the global economics, millions of people today get employed by social institutions. These employments can be appreciated for alleviating poverty, higher standards of living and the decrease of the dependency ratio. The management of huge organizations can enjoy reduced costs of management this can mainly be through, ease in channeling of information between and/or among branches, eased supervision, and coordination of decision making in different branches. The wind of technological social networking can also be rewarded for positive impacts on health matters. In the USA for instance, the increasing population of the old people as compared to the decreasing population of young people can be termed as one of the mysteries by the growth and development of social networking, the need of care providence increase with old age. The unavailability of young people to provide informal care to the old can be resolved by the use social networks (Peacock 46). The people in need of care keep communicating with formal caregivers at the comfort of their homes. On social relations, social networking can enable people to communicate with acquaintances far away at their comfort. People can initiate, maintain and control relationships beyond geographical, political and economic boundaries. Students today can discuss with their colleagues and teachers through social networks. This has led to more products of research and academic performances on related fields. There still a myriad of other positive fruits of social networking ranging from indirect and direct improvements in job seeking, increasing mobility of labor and taking religion to people yet unreached in the virtual world among many others. On the other hand, social networking can be termed to be a threat to the human society. To begin with, the young people are getting incapacitated to communicate on a face to face basis. This deprivation is a threat to the replenishing role entrusted to the family by the society. A ...Show more

Social media has been influencing our lives for quite some time now and the trend of using it is ever increasing day by day. It is used by people as a platform to interact among each other, share personal photos, videos,  views and reviews on different topics of daily life, politics, sports, markets and much more through the internet with the use of devices like computers, tablets, and cell phones etc.

The use of social media is on boom nowadays. Whether it is socializing and networking websites such as Facebook, blogs and informative websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, video sharing websites, e.g. YouTube and Daily-motion and other kind of platforms, they have made life easier by quick sharing of almost everything that a person wants to know about. There is no doubt about the dependability of humans on these sources of socializing that is why every business is using them to maximize their productivity and profits.

Education is no exception in using social media. We know that education has been dependant largely on the print and electronic media for quite some time, but those media are expensive due to lesser availability, on the other hand, social media is inexpensive and easily available. Now most of the instructors and professors use YouTube to show students different kinds of videos related to their subjects and hence their productivity has gone miles ahead of what it used to be before. As students use Facebook nowadays, so teachers have come up with this idea of making a common page for all the students to share the updates regarding any changes in class schedule, dates due for assignment submission and quizzes, etc. It helps students to keep in touch with their teachers and ask about the difficulties in the courses while sitting at home. This does not stop there, it also promotes team work: when students are due to submit any kind of group project, they can communicate with each other better and share their files and comments on the same page.

Now students don’t need to carry heavy books: they can browse collaborative media sources like Wikipedia anytime, and get to know about it. It serves as a dictionary not only for students, but also for the instructors. The most important aspect of these social media is that they promote open discussion about things. When students and teachers communicate on these channels, they come in a dialogue which gives rise to purposeful conclusion, e.g. when a teacher from Asia comes into contact with another teacher from Europe, both can exchange their views about the education system, and they can know about helpful teaching methods they never practiced before. Students can give online presentations; submit assignments to a common page, receive feedback from teachers while being sick at home etc.

There are countless benefits of social media that can be applied to education. You don`t need to search hiring professional essay writers online, just remember the basic format of essay writing and start writing about how social media has helped you as a student.


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