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The ‘Lotto Treats’ competition received over 125,000 entries in the 10 days it was open to the public, with a peak volume of 5,400 entries per hour.

Traction’s powerful competition platform enabled customer data capture, verification of unique codes and the delivery of unique reward codes to be redeemed at the partner’s websites.

Responsive microsites built catered to all modern desktop and mobile browsers and tested via Browserstack and physical devices to further ensure that best-practice accessibility requirements were met.

Responsive email templates met all best-practice email client and device requirements, with dynamic content to personalise each individual recipient’s email.

Our robust and elastic hosting service ensured balanced volume loads and expanded capacity as needed to guarantee a 100% uptime throughout the competition lifecycle.

Traction’s rich reporting capabilities, allowed The National Lottery to have real-time performance insights into the competition.

Integration with our customer service partners ensured all queries were answered and resolved within 24 hours.

The Traction team and the platform itself offered a one-stop solution for the client, ranging from the competition build and back-end database solution to responsive microsites and email templates, elastic hosting and integration with our customer services partner.

This eased the workload on Camelot’s marketing team at a time when multiple projects were being run, with our solution being iteratively designed, built and launched within 5 working weeks.

Camelot National Lottery

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Camelot- National Lottery


Camelot and the National Lottery are now an integral part of British life, not only the Lotto game but also the Scratch cards are key areas of business. We were approached to provide a coating to the role out of a redesigned display stand to be placed on shop counters throughout the UK.


Due to the substrate selected for this project. MDF Powder Coating was the only choice for this project. In excess of 80,000 parts were needed for this major role out, therefore the ability to have a finished component painted and packed in approximately on hour was key. High volume through put and a coating that is consistent uniform and durable was also demanded by the customer.


The customer once the parts had been cut and prepared were transported using our fleet of vehicles both to and from the supplier.

Our challenge

This project at the time represented the largest single MDF coating request we had dealt with at this point. In excess of 80,000 parts were produced and painted by us. By utilising our flexible and willing staff and equipment we were able to keep to a strict and regular delivery schedule. In addition through close partnership with our suppliers we were able to ensure reliability and backup for the customer. Once this project was completed we have continues to supply additional powder coated parts for ongoing developments and changes to the display stands.


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