Short Essay On My Little Brother

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I have one brother and we have spent almost all our childhood together. My brother has dark hair, thick eyebrows, light skin and a chinese look inherited from our father.I think my brother is quite a handsome guy like my father.He likes to read magazines and to do a lot of boy stuff.He also loves to play musical instruments, especially the guitar. I think he is a very talented boy. He is approximately 175 cm tall and I think he is quite tall compared to his other friends. He likes to wear shorts with casual t-shirts. He is one of the loveliest guys I know, and(is he one of the loveliest guys you know only because he likes animals?) he likes animals very much - especially cats. He always spends his leisure time playing with his cat and the way he takes care of this animal shows that he is a very responsible guy.He always helps me when I'm in need, especially when I have trouble with my finances. He gives me full support in everything I do and I love him very much.

It's clear that you certainly do adore your brother. However, it would help if you included some negative things about him, some funny moments, or some particular moment of time that you have shared. That will make the essay more interesting.

Good luck,

- Joy

If you’ve been blessed with one or more sisters, you know your relationship is an interesting dynamic. Sisters can be crazy, goofy drama queens, but they match you in ways no one else could. Here are six reasons why sisters are your best friends.

1. They’re Blatantly Honest

Sisters are not afraid to speak their mind. Your sister will call you out when you’re being dumb, argue vehemently about your opinions, and when she tells you you look nice, you know she means it. It can be a blessing and a curse, but honesty is the best policy… and it can be pretty refreshing in a world that oftentimes tells you what you want to hear.

2. They Know You Inside and Out

From your ridiculous first middle-school crush to your dramatic fear of squirrels (true story) to the way you cry when you laugh, your sister is the first to know. And she doesn’t forget. You share lots of secrets with each other, which only fuels your sisterly bond… and also fuels the potential for low-grade blackmail.

3. They Can Brighten Your Day Like None Other

Sisters also know how to make you smile. When I came to college, one of my sisters created a package of envelopes for me to open on different occasions. I can’t even begin to express how much joy I’ve taken in the funny notes and letters. Sisters have a knack for getting to your heart.

4. They Share in Your Dramaticism

There is no stunt or scene too dramatic for a sister. From all the years you’ve been alive together, I’m sure you can recount every “movie” or “interview” you attempted to make with a shaky, old camcorder, every elaborate and exclusive tea party, and every trick you played on your brothers or parents. Sisters are just down for that sort of thing. As the oldest sister, I roped my sisters into a lot of drama… but they pulled me into some, too.

5. You’re Proud of Each Other

Whether you’re following in a sister’s footsteps or leading the charge as the oldest girl in your family, you take pride in your sisters. Maybe you got to see them thrive in high school, college, and beyond as you were still little, or it’s possible you’re currently watching your younger sisters live out their dreams in ways you could only have imagined. Either way, you respect and admire them, almost as if they’re a part of yourself.

6. Your Love Is Hard To Rival

You and your sisters have undoubtedly caused each other tears of anger or sadness, but you know your love includes forgiveness. When your sister asks you to forgive her, your relationship stretches and grows a little bit more, because you see that neither of you are perfect. And as you grow and change, you realize there’s no other love quite like that which you have for your best friends—your sisters.


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