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AFI and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management launch online training module for Financial Inclusion

In collaboration with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) will be launching its first online training module, ‘Certified Expert in Financial Inclusion Policy (CEFI)’.

Participants will benefit from a world class education experience of a top-ranked business school, combined with the expertise from the world`s leading organization for financial inclusion policymakers.

Who should sign up for the course?

  • Financial regulators, policy makers, supervisors who are working on developing policies, regulations, strategies pertaining to financial inclusion
  • Management and staff of financial service providers, both banks and non-banks, and financial inclusion professionals who need to be aware of the regulatory aspects to help design and deliver financial services that promotes financial inclusion
  • Staff of AFI Member Institutions who are new to financial inclusion or interested to make a career change in financial inclusion
  • AFI member institutions which are setting up new units specialising in financial inclusion
  • AFI Member institutions which are developing a comprehensive financial inclusion strategy
  • AFI PPD partners who want to understand the policy perspective of financial inclusion

What is the course content?

This course provides an understanding of the designing and implementation of regulatory frameworks that help promote financial inclusion. The seven units are as follows:

Unit 1Balancing Inclusion, Integrity and Stability
Unit 2Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct
Unit 3Financial Inclusion Strategies
Unit 4Measuring Financial Inclusion
Unit 5Financing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
Unit 6Microcredit, Microsavings and Microinsurance
Unit 7Digital Financial Services

For more details on each unit, click HERE

What is unique about the course?

This is the first online course on financial inclusion, which has a very clear focus on the policy aspects of financial inclusion. The course will help develop skills to draft and analyse policies and to design strategies that are most relevant to emerging economies.

What are the benefits of the course?

  • The structure is flexible and available online. Participants will be able to complete the course within six months at their own convenience
  • Upon completion, participants will receive certification from a world class educational institution
  • Participants will receive input from technical experts and will learn from their peers through the discussion forum
  • The course can be completed while on a full-time job

How much does it cost?

The course is priced at Euro 1300. Registrations received before 15 January, 2018 are eligible for an early bird discount. With an early bird discount, the pricing of the course is Euro 1100. However, paid up AFI member institutions enjoy a further discount of Euro 300.

Course feesAFI member institutionsNon-member institutions
Pricing before January 15, 2018EUR 1,100EUR 1,100
Pricing after January 15, 2018EUR 1,300EUR 1,300

Additional discount for paid up AFI member institutions only

EUR 800Not applicable
Exam feeEUR 50EUR 50

The assignments at the end of each module are to be taken online. The final examination is a sit-down exam. Please view the exam locations here to find an examination center most convenient to you. You would have to arrange to go for the examination on your own and pay the Euro 50 exam fee to the host of the examination center.

How to register?

Register directly through the website of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management HERE

Please note that discounts can only be granted if participants chose “bank transfer” as payment option. Frankfurt School can cater for PayPal or credit card payment at a later stage upon request.

When does the course begin and end?

The next intake begins in March 2018 and is required to be completed within six months.  The programme structure is flexible and can be self-paced. In total, a workload of 150 hours is expected, which on average 5-7 hours per week of work effort during the six months period (self-study, online lectures, reading, final exam preparation).

How are the assessments completed?

Each unit ends with an online test which will consist of multiple choice questions. Participants are required to pass these tests in order to get access to the subsequent module. Participants will also have to complete relevant assignments and take an offline final written exam. The final exam can be taken through a network of partner institutions across the world on payment of €50 final exam fee to the institution.

What certification is given on completion of the course?

Upon successful completion of the exam Frankfurt School will issue a certificate. With the certificate, participants earn 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which can get recognized easily by the university of studies, given the course fits into the curriculum. If the exam is not taken or failed but participants have completed the course work, a confirmation of course completion can be issued by Frankfurt School on request.

Recognition in Frankfurt School’s Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance

The CEFI is an integral part of Frankfurt School’s Online Master of Leadership in Development Finance. As such, a CEFI Alumni taking the Online Master gets the CEFI recognized both for the syllabus and for the tuition fees.

Click HERE to download the course brochure. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions.

We invite you to join the course to become a certified expert in financial inclusion!

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