Bbdnitm Assignment Discovery


* Paragraphs ( 3 or 4)* Sentence completion* Some paragraphs in to which sentences are to replaced by given sentences inappropriate places******* Do the rough work, sometime they may check ******* Out of 480 , 71 shortlisted for HR rounds and I’m one of them.HR round……………..HR-1Me: Excuse me mamShe: yesMe: Good Evening mamShe: Good Evening , take your seat .Me: Thank you mam.She: So Mr.Shivanand Hulagur, what this Hulagur meansMe :Its name of place ,It comes in so and so……(she asked about the region of our state) (I put my representation certificates of College Basketball & Handballteam at degree level)She: I know you simply put these certificates , u’ve not played .Me :I explained every thing about these games and she was convinced by myanswer.She: You represented National level Tech fest , tell me about thatMe :I explained about the prize (3rd prize in Ad-Zap competation-its aboutadvertising) we got.She: Gave me a mobile pouch and said to show how ll u market it.Me: I did that.She: Apart from IT ,what is ur interest?

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