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Since the Jamiah is an Islamic educational institution, so it gives full emphasis especially on the religious education of Muslim boys. But essential modern subjects are also included. In the Jamiah, there is arrangement of education from the primary stage to college stage. Boys and girls both are obtaining education in different departments in separate units. The departments are as follows:

The institution of the Jamiah and its complete works:

The departments working in the Jamiah are as follows:

Department of boys

1 – Mutawassita and Sanavia

Mutawassita stage ( 3 years )     Equivalent to Junior High School
Sanavia stage ( 2 years )     Equivalent to High School

2 – Shariat College

The following are the stages under it:

Alemiat stage ( 2 year )     Equivalent to Intermediate
Fazilat stage ( 3 year )     Equivalent to Graduate
Specialization or Higher Education (2 year)     Equivalent to Post Graduate
Education and Training ( 2 year )     B. Ed.

3 – Faculty of the teaching of Quran-ul-Kareem
For the time being this faculty is making arrangement for education under the following departments:

Tahfeezul Quran (Department of Hifz)
Tajweedul Quran-il-Kareem (Department of Tajweed) by way of narration of Hafs.
Tajweedul Quran-il-Kareem (Department of Tajweed) by way of seven golden principles of recitation.

4 – Al-Manar Boys’ School for modern education

There is no doubt in it that Muslim boys stand in need of modern education side by side with religious education. But the principles on which the government and private institutions and faculties of modern education impart education are quite opposite to the spirit of Islamic Shariat. That is why the committee of the Jamia passed the resolution for the establishment of a permanent school where the Muslim boys could get education on the principles not opposite to the Islamic beliefs and acceptance. So in the month of April, 2004 an institution was started by the name of “Al-Manar Boys’ School”. The syllabus of the school includes some religious topics which lay special emphasis on the Islamic training of the students. The responsible authorities are in continuous effort that the government should give recognition to the school so that the students might get the facility of entering other institutions and faculties and continue their studies. At present this school provides education from class 6 to 10 of CBSE.

5 – Rahmania Boys’ School

In this school there is arrangement of education from primary to junior high school level.


1.Explain what Zewei's article from the week 4 reading was all about. The Zewei article is about how collision and integration of china’s Confucianism and the westerninternational law promoted china’s modernization. The article discusses in depth the journey and effort that china had to take for it to appreciate modern international relations and the international law. The article explains this in for sections whereby the first section explains briefly about the Chinese Confucian world order regime which is centered on the Celestrial Empire of china and the tributary system. The second section gives details on the blend between Chinese traditional confucianian and the modern international law on world order, international relation, foreign trade and treaty regime. The third section discusses the integration of the Confucianism of the Chinese and the modern international law, this included the introduction of the international law into china, the unequal treaty regime and the Tsungli Yamen that is the office on foreign affairs, the last section of the article gives a conclusion about the blend or collision of the western modern international law and Confucianism resulted to the Confucianism diminishing and this has allowed and improved china’s modernization2.


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