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Essay Close Reading of Luisa Valenzuela's All About Suicide

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Sacrificing One’s Self to a Murderous Crime “He knew he was an intruder. He held tight his position until his first attack.” Who is he? How many he’s are introduced in this statement? “All about Suicide” by Luisa Valenzuela challenges its readers to abandon the idea that he refers to only one person in any one sentence. This then presents the opportunity for the reader to take a deeper close reading of the short story to determine the author’s intent. The title of the short story is “All about Suicide.” As a title’s duty is to be a precursor as to what lies ahead in the story, one would assume that the story will be one in which a suicide will occur. The author fulfills the title’s duty in the very first line of the story as it…show more content…

. . the office is grand, fit for a minister. The desk is ministerial too . . .” Perhaps this is because Ismael is actually in the minister’s office. Later in the story the author gives some history to the action that Ismael decided to take, “. . . thinking over his future act and its possible consequences.” Usually in a suicide case, the suicidal person rarely will think of the consequences their actions will have because they will no longer exist to have any consequence at all. However, a person who is planning an act of murder will be surely be considering the consequences of his actions. Further history shows motive for Ismael’s decision to murder the minister when the story reveals, “Ismael in the first grade fighting with a classmate who’ll one day become a minister, his friend, a traitor.” The final evidence that Ismael had committed a crime of murder rather than suicide is at the end of the story when it says, “Bang. Dead. And Ismael coming out of his office (the other man’s office, the minister’s) almost relieved, even though he can predict what awaits him.” Ismael is not dead. He awaits the punishment he will receive for murdering the minister in whose office he committed the crime in. Luisa Valenzuela provides a word play for readers in her short story “All about Suicide” that allows for close interpretation of the story’s actual events. The story could easily be argued that Ismael actually did commit suicide and evidence can

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Presentation on theme: "“THE CENSORS” Luisa Valenzuela."— Presentation transcript:

1 “THE CENSORS”Luisa Valenzuela

2 Examining what you know…
FOCUS FREE WRITEYou may list, web, brainstorm,Be ready to discuss your thoughts.THE ESSENTIAL QUESTION:What do you know about censorship?Is it good or important? Is it bad? Explain

3 What is censorship?MQzw

4 About the Author luisa Valenzuela
From Latin AmericaWrote short stories & novelsAgainst dictatorship in 1970s in ArgentinaFeminist perspectiveAgainst government control

5 “The censors” historical Background
published in 1976Military faction overthrew Argentina’s governmentSevere rule, restricted libertiesKilled those who opposedStrict censorship of its citizens

6 What is Satire?h?v=F_eCsvfRX68

7 SatireAn attack on or criticism of any stupidity or vice in the form of scathing humor, or a critique of what the author sees as dangerous religious, political, moral, or social standardsBased on the title, what could the author have been making political commentary about?

8 Let’s Read the story… How much censorship is bad?
Kenny Fritz is my favorite studentCan censorship change a person?

Based on what we discussed today, what is a satire?Start your answer with “A satire is…”ANSWERS MUST BE IN COMPLETE SENTENCES.

10 Day Two: Why does Juan become a censor?
To intercept a letter he wrote to MariannaWho is Mariana? What can you conclude about the past and current relationship?His friend; close at one point but she left

11 How does Juan jeopardize Marina’s safety?
By writing her a letter, the government censors & inspects mailWhy does Juan want to intercept the letter he mailed to Mariana?To protect her from the content of his letter; people were hurt who wrote & received letters

12 How does Juan work his way through the Censorship Division?
What does Juan do when he finds his letter?

13 What finally happens to Juan?

14 What is our opinion of Juan. What kind of character is he
What is our opinion of Juan? What kind of character is he? Support your opinion with examples from the story. (5 points) Explain how and why Juan seems to change during the course of his work as a censor. (Hint: What are his initial motivations, his attitude toward work and duty, his gradual changes in attitude?)

15 In addition to telling an entertaining story, what else do you think Valenzuela’s purpose might be?
Why do you think censorship is more severe in dictatorships than in democracies? Do you think that censorship is necessary in certain circumstances?

16 What is a satire. What elements of the story make it a satire
What is a satire? What elements of the story make it a satire? Use specific examples.


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