Ucsf School Of Nursing Admissions Essay

UCSF is San Francisco's second-largest employer; with locations at several medical centers and various other districts in the city. The School of Nursing Building is part of the UCSF Parnassus Avenue Campus, located in the "Inner Sunset District" neighborhood, on the western side of the city of San Francisco near Golden Gate Park. View campus map (PDF), city map (JPG) or city map (PDF) to see UCSF's Parnassus Campus and Laurel Heights locations.

Enter the Medical Sciences ("S") building at 513 Parnassus Avenue.


Upon arriving, note that some buildings cannot be directly viewed from Parnassus Avenue. It may be necessary to pass through the buildings at the curb, using interior stairs or elevators to reach your destination.

In particular, the School of Nursing Building ("N") is positioned uphill and behind the Clinical Sciences ("C") Building at 521 Parnassus Avenue. However, interior hallways connect floors two through seven of building C to building N. Or, enter the Medical Sciences ("S") building at 513 Parnassus.  Behind the second floor of the "S" building is a small courtyard, across the courtyard, the School of Nursing building is to the right (see photo).

Information sessions are usually held in the second-floor classrooms in the School of Nursing Building, or in the Health Sciences West Tower ("HSW"). Because of the steep terrain, the ground-level floor of the Nursing building is floor number two, and the ground-level floor of HSW is floor number three.

You must use elevators or stairways to reach floor levels 2 and 3 of all buildings from the street-level entrances on Parnassus Avenue.

Application cycle for 2018 now open!


Regular Deadline
The regular application deadline for the UCSF Master of Science (MS) program is February 1. Some specialty areas may consider applications received after the February 1 deadline, on a space-available basis only.

Early Deadline
Applicants needing an early decision, e.g., active in the Military, may complete and submit their applications by November 1 for early screening.

Notice: all program listings and 
deadlines are subject to change.
See note below on annual 
deadline enforcement

Final Deadline
Applications submitted after June 1 will not be reviewed.

Ready for Review
Applicant records will not be reviewed until necessary documentation and required transcripts have been received. Throughout the entire process, applicants are expected make return visits to their application's web page to see status updates and progress in recording necessary materials. Remember that certain specialty areas are highly competitive, and available space in these areas may be quickly exhausted following the February 1 deadline.

Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN)

The annual application deadline is September 1.

Invitations to interview, and initial denials, are sent out in the second week of December via USPS (committee members convene in the last two weeks of November, so there are variations).

All interviews are on the final two Fridays in January.

Final admit and deny decisions are issued in the third or fourth week of February.

Orientation events are held in the second or third week of June.


For information on the UCSF (Online) Master of Science Healthcare Administration and Inter-Professional Leadership Program, please visit the healthleadership.ucsf.edu web site.

Doctoral/PhD (Nursing)

The regular deadline for applying to the UCSF Doctoral Program in Nursing is December 1.

Applications received and completed after the regular deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis, up until the annual final deadline which is January 2.

Note: Students are not admitted mid-year; each class begins their studies in the Fall Quarter.

To be reviewed, application fees must be paid, and required transcripts and test scores must be received at UCSF prior to the deadlines. Throughout the entire process, applicants are expected make return visits to their application's web page to see status updates and progress in recording necessary materials.

Doctoral/PhD (Sociology)

For more information about the PhD Admissions process, schedule, requirements, and deadlines, please see the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS, sociology.ucsf.edu) website.

Deadline Enforcement Notice

Note:  In years where deadlines will fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday, the enforced deadline is the following regular work day. For example, in years where February 1 is a Saturday, then the enforced deadline in that year will be Monday, February 3. And, in some years, September 1 is the first Monday in September, which is a U.S. Federal Holiday ("Labor Day")--so then the enforced deadline will be Tuesday, September 2.

Also, to enforce submission deadlines, please be aware that our web server in California observes "Pacific Time" and "Daylight Saving" regulations. Do not delay or assume you will have full access in those last few hours before a posted deadline date and hour.


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