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Use these differentiated questions as essay or debate topics too.

Football is the United States’s favorite sport – and at times, its most contentious. Each week of the season presents new evidence for why one team might win over another. Between games we’re immersed with commentaries and replays that argue why one player made their move or what call should have been made instead.

The information is constant, and the questions are endless. It’s not just, “Who will win the Heisman? The Super Bowl?” but also, “Is football too dangerous for young people to play?” and “Should college players unionize?”

Use these argumentative writing prompts as the quarterback sneak your students aren’t expecting. By focusing on a topic students care about, they’ll be on the edge of their seats debating in no time.

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the lap of the NFL Players’ Association, which purportedly recognizes the rights of current


formerplayers for not demanding more compensation for their former employers. However, none of thatshould justify the NFL fighting the recent concussion lawsuit mounted by former players consideringwhat has and is about to come to light against the NFL.First off, the players themselves did not know what a concussion was back in the day, asevidenced from this quote from former New York Jets running back,

Bruce Harper: “’

I was knocked outthree times during my career, completely knocked out, I went out there and played again, but I didn'trealize I was having problems with my head until they brought this (concussion issues) up.

’” Harper

played for eight years in the NFL, from 1977 to 1984 (Fierro). Neither the NFL nor the players knewabout concussions or their severity back in the day. Before the 1990s, there really was no concern over

‘getting your bell rung.’ That’s fine, if the scientific community didn’t know about it, h

ow can we expectthe NFL to take

any precautions to fight something from happening? No, the problem doesn’t occur unti


the late ‘90s when concussion

-related news began to come to light and recent evidence shows the NFLconducted its own pseudo-science in order to refute all the real claims of danger made by actualscientists regarding concussions in the NFL. The results of 

the NFL’s tests downplayed any significance of 

head injuries, and past that, the League openly ridiculed any scientists that concluded the opposite, whoare now proven to be correct.Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease which can onlydefinitively be diagnosed postmortem, most frequently occurring in people with multiple concussions intheir lifetime. Research on CTE really has only begun, as not many players that are from this hard-nosedera of football have gotten old enough to pass away yet, but many who have, have been diagnosed withit. In fact, it

’s a significant proportion

, all but two of the 54 brains studied by Doctor Ann Mckee since2005, when the disease was first officially diagnosed, had CTE (Van Natta).


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