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By cyjh, 15th Nov 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed | Short URL
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Everyone does dream, right??? Some say we dream every night and we just can't remember our dreams when we get up. However, there are still some of it that we can recall at times.

Have You Ever Had an Unforgettable Dream?

They say we usually dream but we are not able to remember our dream most of the time. If we do so, maybe a part of it is still missing. lol^^

Have you ever had a dream that you can still remember even a single detail of it until now?

I had and it went like this...

My Wedding Day??? ^____^

It was my wedding day. I was so happy. I saw myself in front of life-size mirror in my wide room. I am wearing a white bridal gown and I'm definitely making myself ready for my most awaited moment.

My Future Husband??? >_<

All of sudden, I saw myself in a box... a dark and small box which seemed an elevator... Yes, I was right! I was in an elevator yet still wearing my bridal gown! After few seconds, the elevator door opened. A guy wearing a white tuxedo came in. He's my husband to be! I know him and that's for sure! I looked at his eyes... lovingly. However, he just looked at me... blankly. The elevator stopped going up. Scared and bothered... I hugged him. He didn't do anything but pushed me away from him. Then, I touched his right chest... slowly... and suddenly I felt my hand inside his chest... yes, inside his body. My right hand seemed like it was finding something. Finally, after seconds of wondering, I got his heart! Unbelievably but I got his literal heart on my hand... I was shocked of what I saw! His heart was full of wild grasses with mud and other dirty things that I almost vomited in front of him. He was still looking at me. Afraid, I ran out of the elevator. I opened the Fire exit door and used the stairs to go up. I was crying and was calling for help.

Who's this Other Man??? o.O

When I reached a certain floor, there was a guy who I met few weeks ago in our church. He was nice to me and he tried to help me.

He held my hand and we ran out of the fire exit back to the elevator. That guy who seemed to be my future husband was gone but that elevator wasn't empty. My parents were there. They were shaking their heads out of disapproval while staring at us. I looked at this nice guy who helped me and that time, was holding my hand. He was looking at me... with love.

Whew! Just a Dream???

Then I got up! Whew! 'What a very nonsense dream,' I uttered.

It was actually a dream I had when I was in college. At that time, I was dating a guy -- and he's that future husband in my dream. We dated for almost six months but we actually didn't become a couple since he had other side of his personality that I didn't expect of him.

Few months after I graduated college, I began teaching elementary and high school students. I also became an active member and worker in our church and got close with this certain guy -- that nice guy who helped me in my dream. We had this special relationship for years and we became a couple. However, my parents really didn't like him for me so we struggled a lot and we ended up being separated.

Somewhat similar to what I dreamed of few years ago right??? I think so too! That's why it's the most unforgettable dream for me.

Mind you, when I had that dream, I was with a guy -- that future husband -- and I was not really close with the second guy -- who helped me. I never imagined that I would be separated with the first and be a girlfriend of the latter. I even ignored that dream and just continued with my life. The rest is history! ^^

Have you ever had that kind of dream???


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