Wjec Geology Coursework Planning Sheet

Field Studies Checklist: WJEC

 SyllabusWJEC GG1/2
Extrusive landformsX
Tectonic HazardsX
Tectonic processes and landformsX
Drainage basinsChannel characteristicsX
Drainage basin managementX
Effects of human activity on fluvial processesX
Factors that influence the passage of waterX
Flash flooding case studyX
Flood hazard and managementX
Flood plain featuresX
Fluvial processes and landformsX
Rainfall-discharge relationshipsX
Small scale ecosystemsForest microclimatesX
Sand dune vegetation successionX
Brown earths, gleys, rendzinas and terra rossasX
Aspects of rural changeContrasting experiences of semi-rural and extreme rural areasX
Managing rural environmentsX
Rural depopulationX
Sustainable rural developmentX
Changing urban environmentsCity planning and development issuesX
Managing urban environmentsX
Patterns of urban land useX
Spatial segregationX
Sustainable city managementX
Urban change and environmental problemsX
Urban-rural migration, suburbanisation and counterurbanisationX
 SyllabusWJEC GG4
Dynamic equilibrium Modification of glacial landscapes
Human impacts on the natural environmentSkiing impacts in glacial areasX
Flash flooding case studyX
Coastal management case studyX
Management strategiesX
Climatic hazardsFlash flood hazard managementX
Regional inequalitiesRural depopulationX
Rural development strategiesX
IndustryIndustrial change and de-industrialisationX
High-Tech industry growth polesX
Redevelopment of old manufacturing sitesX
Sustainable managementX
The impact of TNCsX
TourismIntra-national tourism and recreationX
National Park managementX
Sustainable tourist developmentX
Tourist pressures on coastal environmentsX
 SyllabusWJEC GG5
Water Supply
Effects of Spain's National Water PlanX

И при этом подбрасывает подсказки, которые нелегко распознать. - Абсурд! - отрезал Джабба.  - Танкадо оставил нам только один выход-признать существование «ТРАНСТЕКСТА».


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