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8:00 is the new 3:00

Sleep? What is sleep? While most of your friends are getting ready for bed or even sleeping, you’re either doing homework, or worse, you just started homework. Music blaring, pen moving furiously across the paper; time, a seemingly unimportant factor, flies by and thoughts seem to flow. You work better in the evening, that’s for sure. While all your friends were working in the library in the afternoon, you unfortunately procrastinated just a little bit more than you were supposed to and now you’re feeling a little regretful about all the Netflix you’ve watched instead of doing homework. But it’s only 8:00 and you plan to be in bed by 2:00 A.M., so that gives you about 6 hours right? That’s plenty of time to get your homework done, and if you’re lucky you can watch another episode before you go to bed.


Slowly fading, but nothing a sip of coffee can’t fix

It’s like 10:00 and even though your eyes have a hint of wariness to them, you forge on with your homework. While the pages seem longer and longer, and those math problems seem more and more complicated, you’re almost done! But it’s been two hours of studying and homework, so you deserve a break, right? You notice that you’ve gotten texts and snapchats from your friends so you take a quick minute to answer them.


The Clock Strikes Midnight

Suddenly, it’s so close to midnight, and you’re almost done with your homework. You have one more subject to go but unfortunately your motivation is wearing thin. The library is winding down, and you feel a twinge of envy at those who are leaving while you’re still cramped doing your homework. You look at all the work you’ve done and while it is progressed, there’s still a lot more you need to do. Maybe you need a hot chocolate or something so you search for a vending machine, desperately trying to find some soothing liquid to calm yourself. Once you locate a vending machine, you return to your desk with a renewed vigor to get your homework done. You sit down and attack the homework problem vigorously, wanting to end your homework by 1 in the morning.


The Home Stretch

It’s 1 A.M. and you’ve finally finished your homework! But then you have another problem; getting home. Your car is in the parking lot adjacent to the library, but the fatigue is catching up to you quickly, and you have to drive home and you’re at that point where you might not be able to. Desperately, you call your roommate and force them to talk to you when you’re driving home. Once safely in the car, you make the treacherous two-mile journey to your apartment building while your roommate talks about the latest gossip or her homework pains calmly keeping you awake at the wheel.


Home Sweet Home

You finally reach your apartment! After setting down your things, you lay down in bed, thinking why it’s taken you this long to finish your homework. You’re so tired that you almost fall asleep, but your roommate suddenly wakes you up and tells you to get ready for bed. Muttering curses under your breath, you silently remind yourself to thank your roommate later knowing they’re only looking out for you. You drag yourself to the shower, washing the day’s grime off you, silently relishing the warm water on your skin. After your shower, you brush your teeth, wash your face, and change into your pajamas, finally ready for bed.


Tossing and Turning

Once you’re in bed, you’re finally ready to go to sleep, but your mind won’t stop running. You think about all the tests and quizzes you have in the upcoming week, the stress of school and your personal life. Realizing you won’t go to sleep right away, you turn on your TV, thankfully finding a rerun of Friends. Before you realize it, you’ve seen two episodes and your mind is still running, so you turn off the TV and look at your phone. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, you see that nothing is new (and why should it be, it’s like 2 in the morning). So you make sure your alarm is set, and you continue tossing and turning.


The Morning After

You finally got to sleep, but not without your fair share of restlessness. Your alarm goes off, that annoying Apple ringtone that you despise, but still have because it is effective. You look at your clock and realize you have a few more minutes to sleep. You slam the snooze button, and rollover, somehow thinking those extra few minutes will help you. Two snoozes later, you wake up, realizing that you have to get ready for school. Grumbling, you tell yourself that you’ll start your homework earlier so you can go to bed earlier, but you silently laugh at yourself because you know that in the end, you will continue doing the same thing, and while you regret it in the morning, it becomes a routine, and who likes change?


Happy Homeworking, everyone!

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«Я погиб».


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